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Application Form

Application Form

Application Procedure, Rules & Regulations ( Download APPLICATION FORM )


Prior registration is mandatory for all courses.
For registration in any of the selected courses, following are to be submitted along with Application Form:
  • Copy of Degree
  • Copy of State Medical Council/MCI Registration Certificate/Professional License
  • Deposition of Course Fee (Cash / Bank Transfer / Cheque)
  • Copy of Passport (For foreign candidates only).


  • * No trial classes allowed. For demo videos you may contact management.
  • If a candidate opts out of any course after registering but before joining the classes, he/she will be refunded the deposited amount after deduction of 25% of the total course fee . Once a candidate joins even one class no refunds will be made.
  • If a candidate misses any of his classes (due to genuine reasons) during the tenure of his course , he/she will have to seek prior permission from the office to attend them in other batches Regular attendance in classes and internal assessment marks will be considered during the final assessment and certification.

Candidates are required to attend frequent updates and conferences in ultrasound to replenish their knowledge and keep abreast of the latest developments.

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